If your about thin and light you not go across the street
Pizza Review
Some mixed signals from this Pizzeria. Walking in I had very high hopes. You don't see alot of wood fired Pizza east of Nassau county simply based on the volume most of these shops do. When I saw that Pazzo advertises as a wood fired pizzeria I knew they needed a professional to come in and see where they stood in ranking with the other wood fired behemoths Walking in they have a wood fired oven and they also have a gas fired oven. The slice I got from the rack was re-heated in the gas fired oven which to me was alittle weird. My guess is that the slice itself was cooked in there also. It lacked the correct charring of a wood fired oven and lacked that traditional wood fired taste. The slice itself was actually pretty good for a local gas fired (that's what I'm calling it) fare. The sauce itself was untampered with and of high quality. The cheese was quality with great oil content. The crust was def the all star. Audible crunch that could be heard as far off as Queens. Nice texture on the bottom. Only thing I can knock it for was they are alittle bit heavy with the oregano but it was in a very isolated portion of the slice. I usually don't talk about anything but pizza but in this case the man behind the counter deserves a shout out. I never tell a slice shop how I like it cooked (I like it well done). I let them decide what's best for their product. This gentleman asked me how I wanted it heated up and being able to have that choice really gave it a nice boost This place is hands down the best I've had in the wading River, calverton, manorville area. If I was local this would be my joint. Knocks the socks out of every other slice shop in the area. I think if the slices were reheated in the wood fired oven and had a more distinct wood fired flavor we would easily be pushing high 7's or dare I say it 8's That's a review
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