Pizza Review
Throwback Pizza Review, October 23rd 2019 Pepperoni pizza while at Pequad's while visiting Chicago. As as native New Yorker, I had big doubts going in but had to get a first hand experience to find out what all the noise was about coming out of Chicago. My friend Jane is a local and brought me here as its one of the most famous pizzas in the city. I'd prefer a standard cheese pizza and don't ever get toppings when reviewing, but this was with friends and before a precident was set. Regarding the verdict, it was better than I expected coming into town. I'm a sauce guy more than a cheese lover and while this had a lions share of mozzarella, it was fairly balanced with a good amount of tangy sauce and a crispy, buttery undercarriage. The pepperoni had a good level of cook, it was a long wait with growing anticipation. The pizza is so hearty you can only eat a slice or two before having to throw in the towel. Not proud to ever do it but I ate it with a knife and fork due to the heat from the pan, impatience and the cake-like texture of the slice. Overall an enjoyable experience that forced me to drop my preconceived hate and admit Chicago pizza ain't so bad. I still wouldn't wanna move to the city, East Coast reigns.