Pizza Review
I really wanted to try the pizza here as I walked past it in the window several times. I ordered a medium pepperoni and it was exactly what they described it as; thin crust but a little thicker than chicago thin. It was also thinner than pan, so right in the middle. It was just okay. I thought there could've been more sauce to enhance the flavor, but it mostly tasted like cheese and crust. The crust wasn't necessarily crispy, but it was cooked well. The pepperoni added enough salt and spicy to bring it together. I didn't understand the inside out (on this app) was actually their deep dish. I'm going to give it a shot next time and update my review. Side note: ordered the philly cheese steak and it would've been phenomenal had they not cooked the same amount of onions into the meat (also not stated on the app, but is stated on the menu). Be sure to clarify when ordering if you want onions or not.

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