Pizza Review
As portnoy points out, it's always a good sign when family history plays into the equation. Santucci's was started in 1959 by "neighborhood people" who exemplify what you want when thinking of Philadelphia Italian heritage. So off the bat I knew the pizza wouldn't be a chain slice. Getting a personal pizza (they dont do slices fyi) of what barstool refers to as a grandma style pie, you hope the sauce will carry the slice in this format presented with super crispy crust and the right amount of cheese. Every slice is a corner slice so the crust should be significantly crunchy and the middle corner will noticeably cheesey. This is the best case scenario for this type of pie. The first bite shows that the sauce does indeed carry the pizza mild, balanced, highlighting well ripened cook tomato with just enough acidity balance. Not much zest in this one. Really a solid sauce overall. The cheese is good, you taste the quality and the ratio is right. At this point, it all comes down to crunch. The bottom has some crispiness to it where the dough meets the pan. But I found the 1/4" between the bottom and cheese to be just too doughy to merit a destination score. I'm really looking for a "snap" when I bite into it, All in all, it is in no way bad. If someone got me this pizza I would not be disappointed.