Pizza Review
Pink’s Pizza & Patio Fires! I have been craving a slice of cheese all dang day. I decided I would swing by Pink’s Pizza after work to fulfill my cheesy desires. I took 2 slices to go ($7.58 total - half the price of Russo’s in the Marq’e Center - gave them a 3.7 - overpriced garbage) anyway, I took these two slices of cheese home to enjoy by the fire from my back patio fire pit. It was a relatively quick drive home, 8 minutes more or less. Got home, cranked on the fire, and popped open the box for the first slice. Little disappointing at first glance. It was pretty cold too (my fault for taking it to go). I decided to warm it up over the fire. Took on my inner Hank Hill, to embrace the heat before me. Warmed it up, much better. Still, overall, just an average slice. Nothing too amazing. Cheese was fair. Sauce is good, nothing too crazy though. But... Pink’s has GREAT crust. There’s a lot going on in their crust. And I really did enjoy biting out a huge corner from the crust on my second bite. I don’t know the rules. All in all, just okay. Did it satisfy my cheese pizza fix? Not really. Do I mind though, as now I have an excuse to hunt down another slice? Oh yeah! 4.9 on this one. And that is a review.