🍕 Diavola (Pepperoni) - spicy salami $12.95 ⭐️ 7.2 - Brady ⭐️ 7.1 - Jesse 🍕 Carbonora - eggs, bacon, parmesan cheese $13.95 ⭐️ 7.4 - Brady ⭐️ 6.9 - Jesse 💭 Piola is “famosi per la pizza” which makes us feel like we’ve been living under a rock because we’ve never heard of it. But when we heard it was founded by two brothers back in 1986, the sauced brothers were all over it. The pizza has a unique gritty Neapolitan dough that makes it different than anywhere else which We respect. Gives the pizza some character. It has charred edges but I’m not convinced they use a brick oven or wood fired oven to make it. The waiter didn’t even know what temperature they cook it at 🙄 The Diavola wasn’t as spicy as advertised but still good. I loved the way they did they Carbonara with the eggs cooked and spread out. I think it tastes way better that way than with sunny side up runny yolk eggs. Makes it taste more like a bacon omelette. They also give you a good amount of bacon which is cooked through nicely. Overall good pizza that has yet to be famous here in Miami. That’s something that will only come with a solid score from the pizza king himself, El Pres