Pizza Review
Serving the largest slices on South Beach since 2009, under the motto “Size Does Matter,” Pizza Bar’s signature XL whole pies are 30 inches in diameter. I usually rate an entire pizza but with each slice 3 times the size of a normal slice, a full pie just wasn’t happening. As always, the gigantic slice gimmick usually lowers the bar on quality; and this monster slice is no exception. Starting with the positives: a surprisingly firm undercarriage with minimal flop for a slice of this magnitude, mega thick & doughy with shockingly decent char and minuscule crisp, essentially a super sized NYC dollar slice. Mostly generic & very basic, the cheese is a cheap, low quality shredded mozzarella blend producing a mostly manageable amount of grease while rendering a somewhat salty flavor. The sauce is insanely sweet, as if it was made with pure sugar, hurting the teeth with each bite, and even worse, incredibly acidic like it’s burning a hole in your throat. They say they use San Marzano tomatoes in the sauce; but whatever they’re using, it gave me agita. Overall, this is late night, last resort, drunk pizza…big & filling to soak up the alcohol. Or if you’re starving coming off the beach and looking for quantity over quality, this is right up your alley. No self-respecting pizza connoisseur would try this more than once, especially at almost $9 for one slice, just criminal. All in all, this is giant, low-grade, dollar slice quality, overpriced, gimmick, Miami Beach pizza to be avoided.

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