Pizza Review
Dear God, where to begin. Called this place at 2:00am and asked them how late they were open, they told us until 2:30am, but walk ins only. We arrived at about 2:05am and walked in to order. We’re greeted by a guy walking out the door of the shop who asks us for $2.00 so he can buy a slice of pizza. We get inside and try to order and the pizza maker in the back says he’s done making pizza. The lady at the counter whose missing all her teeth says “I have a few pizzas already made that are here” for sale half off. She tells us what’s on them. Another customer standing next to us tells us “Don’t do it”, meaning not to buy one of those pizzas, but considering it was after 2am, we were hungry and everything else was pretty much closed we rolled the dice on a large with pepperoni and bacon. Now to the pizza. First off it had clearly been sitting under the warmer for at least several hours. No sauce could be tasted, cheese was dry, absolutely zero flop. The pizza had the consistency of a kitchen floor tile. And even though we only paid $7.00 for the whole pie, we were ripped off for at least $6.00. Horrific.