Pizza Review
For National Pizza Day, I trekked into questionable territory to obtain this very big pie from Pizza Delicious, and it does not disappoint! This place was voted #1 pizza in New Orleans back in 2015, which was enough to pique my interest back then. However, this marks only my 2nd time having it, mostly because getting it takes a lot of work and effort. The shop is in an industrial looking metal building down a deep side street, and has no obvious signs of what it is until you see the pizza logo on the door. Though the line might give it away prematurely. The inside looks like a warehouse-style building repurposed into a pizza factory. Behind the counter, you can see colorful people spinning dough and baking pizzas all day long. They nailed the crust, which is flavorful and crispy, with a pretty good char at the edges. It's quite juicy, nothing dry about this pie anywhere. There's a fair amount of grease, but it's not like dripping or anything. Every bite is a hit of flavor, and while I've found pizzas with flavor that I like a little more, that's not to say this isn't delicious. It does a great job bringing out every aspect of what you would call pizza, but not more. It's not fancy pizza, it doesn't try to be anything it's not. It's just good, quality pizza. The biggest peeves I have are actually not about the pizza itself. This place is quite out of the way unless you live nearby, and the area isn't the greatest. It also gets -very- busy/noisy, and it's not cheap ($19 + tax/tip for a pepperoni), though you do get your money's worth. They only have 3 types of pizza; pepperoni, cheese, and margherita. I think they would do well to expand both their locations and their toppings! They certainly live up to their name though, and I would recommend to anyone who likes good pizza in the area, to give them a try.