Pizza Review
Would be a 9.1 if I didn’t DoorDash it and I came crisp from the oven! Amazing cheese pizza, hands down best cheese pie in the Bay Area for me (I’ve had almost all of them)! Sauce is super flavorful and you can tell the ingredients are of the highest quality ( I could eat the pizza without cheese and I wouldn’t complain)! Cheese is great and just the right amount was added. Now the crust was the star for me! Apparently they use a sourdough style dough for the crust and it is delightfully tangy but not quite as much as a sourdough brea ( which is a good thing). I will have to make the trip downtown and have a fresh slice out the oven but even after having it delivered I was blown away by the flavor! $35 for a 22in pie was a great price ( things HUGE)! Will recommend to anyone who wants a great basic cheese pizza with a twist!