Pizza Review
Served Halle Berry hot in 4-5 minutes with a hard Inwood crisp and a mild Broadway flop. First Bite Score: 6.4 The sauce is very good but a little thick, the seasoning is good but needs more salt. The mozzarella is decent but with low salinity and even lower chew quality. The dough is average, light and tasty with a nice undercarriage. Sub Score: 6.6 SAUCE: slightly thinner and more seasoning and salt would make this baby pop. MOZZARELLA: better quality or try using a blend of cheeses to make this puppy dance. DOUGH: pretty good but a tad thick and the size is very gimmicky. No need to overcompensate. Summary: oversized slices are usually trying to coverup something and in this case it might be the $3.75 charge or the mediocre ingredients. The slice is cooked very nice and got tastier as I ate it but it’s just that, mediocre. Final Score...

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