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Pizza Review
The pic I took here looks like a rat got to it. But that’s because when I tried to reheat a slice on a skillet on the stove top the crust fell apart and it’s Pizza Hut pizza…and that’s a good place to start: Talk about doughy. This is the *definition* of that. It’s very close to Elio’s like crust. It’s a medium thick layer of white dough inside. Bottom of it is lightly *yellowed* not browned or leopard blacked. Cooking it like that would probably *kill* this crust. The plain is cheesy. As you can see, no sauce is visible from the top really, but it’s under there. I like a saucier slice and I could taste the sauce, which is added to its flavor, however cheap and artificial tasting. Ditto for the cheese. What can I say? This is one of the big 4 US pizza chains—#2, I believe. It’s honestly not that distinguishable from a Domino’s plain slice. It’s just bigger with a worst crust but better sauce. So repeating my scale where 0.0 to 1.0 is stuff I’d rate as *terrible* pizza or stuff I’d barely consider pizza but it’s sold as that, 2.0 to 3.0 is bottom barrel buffet pizza or some of the bad frozen pizza you might buy for a kid, like Elio’s, Bagel Bite, or Celeste’s or whatever, and 3.0 to 4.0 is where I’d rank some of the national brand frozen pizza like Red Barron and Tombstone that aren’t total crap by comparison with everything else I just mentioned, this is about a 4.3. That’s about where I’d rank this. Because at least it’s made mostly fresh. The dough is made, frozen shipped and thawed at stores, but the pizza is made on the premises fresh. This is the pizza you can get almost anywhere in the US, so it’s about close to average but below it. Even in places without a pizza culture you can probably find a local place that does it better. Honestly, recommend any of the gourmet frozen pizzas over this for the money you’re paying if you ain’t got good local places around.