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Pizza Review
Let’s be real Pizza Hut isn’t going to crack a 7 but I don’t think a solid score somewhere between a 4 and a 6 is too much to ask. I’m giving them a 1.7 and that’s only because I’m in a good mood. Had I forgot my medication this morning this pizza would be around a 1.3 that it really deserves. Despite wasting $8 on this buffet I’m having a good day. The $8 would have probably been better spent on lunch for 4 McDoubles at The Golden Arches. Let’s see flop: ears on a bunny have less flop than this pizza. The 4H county champion’s ears could not stand a chance against this flop. Sauce: I know I’m in the minority when it comes to the love of a good amount of sauce on pizza but sauce was nowhere to be found. There was a slight trace of a red liquid substance under the cheese. I think some uneducated pizza eaters would mistake it for sauce. Making up for the lack of sauce is grease. If any of you med students are thinking about going into cardiology sitting up a practice next door to this Pizza Hut would would be a wise business decision. If this pizza went to elementary school it would get picked last everyday at recess. Even truck stop pizza would get a shot in right field before this pizza would. Speaking of Pizza Hut and elementary school. It is a good thing this isn’t the pizza they were putting out back in the 80’s for the Book It program. I’d have never picked up a Berenstain Bears book had I know this would have been my reward. Worse than the pizza here was the friendliness and effort of the staff here. If your thinking of pizza here drive past and go get something in plastic shrink wrap that you cook at home on 400. You will be better off