Pizza Review
One bite, everyone knows the rules. One bite review: First bite had nice tangy sauce, good cheese (some slide), and some flop. Temp: for full disclosure I was late in picking it up so it was probably sitting. It was still warm to hot. My second slice I threw in the oven on a stone. Undercarriage: good undercarriage. Slight charring. Not floury. Flop: had about three inches of flop. Kinda disappointed because I’ve had this pizza before and don’t recall that much flop. Sauce: Nice sauce. More zesty than sweet. Personal preference would have been more but I like heavy sauce. Cheese: A little greasy but lots of flavor. Slightly salty. Crust: Had some flop in the center but nice crisp at the top. Overall score: 6.8. Good pizza. May be a better experience for dine in. This pizza will def work to watch a ball game or feed friends and family. Bonus: Also had the margarita. Same crust but zestier sauce. Menu says “crushed tomato” sauce but it was very smooth.