Pizza Review
Having opened in 2020, this modern pizzeria takes a new school approach to making pies, while maintaining old school retro vibes. The current crown jewel of the Providence Pizza Circuit, I came in with high hopes and lofty expectations based on several respectably outstanding scores. Upon first glance, this pie looks like a New Haven style pizza, particularly Modern Apizza with a much thicker crust. They use a Master Pizza electric oven that cooks pies at 932° creating crispy dough and crunchy crust along with melty and oozy cheese, a reflection of the high heat baking process. The dough is rather thick and somewhat fluffy, which makes it slightly lighter than it looks, along with a firm undercarriage and supremely thick and crunchy crust. The cheese has a distinct sharp flavor, creamy while hot but congealed fairly quickly. Sadly, the most disappointing feature of this pie was the severe lack of sauce. Not sure why there is so little sauce but there’s hardly any red visible atop or underneath the cheese. I can’t really say if the sauce is good or bad cause it’s hard to pick up on the flavor with such a scant amount; they really need to pump up the volume. My pie also doesn’t have any fresh basil like I see in other reviews; that definitely made the pizza seem less special. Maybe I caught these guys on an off-day, without their A-team chefs; but aside from the dearth of sauce, the other ingredients were pretty fantastic. This is essentially imitation Modern Apizza in New Haven but not quite as tasty or crispy, despite similar flavor and texture. All things considered, this is a really cool spot worth making a trip to check out and easily the best pizza I’ve had in Providence with potential for an even higher score.