Pizza Review
Celebrating Tamara’s Birthday in Isla De Mujeres Mexico.. The sicko that I am has to try pizza everywhere I go.. everyone I asked told me.. you have to try Mikes he’s the Best on the island.. Talking with Mike maybe one of the smartest men I’ve met.. living on the Island of Women.. owning a pizza spot that has three Mujeres(women) working the walk up window for a slice or full pie.. his bakers pride pizza oven in the back drop of this cool location.. two scooters across the street with Mike Pizza ovens on the back.. you could tell this guy has the 1.7 mile island on lockdown.. there are two other pizza places and a ton of Restaurants on the island but this place looks like they’re use to the success!! Down to the pies.. we ordered a plain pie, vegetable & meat pie.. while waiting I ordered a slice w a side of meatballs.. Mike who hales from Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.. told me I’m gonna love his balls!! Straight up!! Had girls laughing.. but everyone was saying how good his balls were.. Mike said his favorite spot in NY is Joes.. said he tries to make his pie to come out like theirs.. but know the ingredients from Joes is what makes that pizza special.. Mike pie was great for a destination location.. everyone said the same thing the pizza had great crunch to every bite.. and the sauce was spectacular!!! I’m giving mikes Pizza a 7.1 on the pizza and a 7.9 on the meatball!! Very Good!!