Pizza Review
Ok, Where are we at here Frankie —-> today we are at PIZZA ON FIRE (review time Jan 5th 12:30pm)... This is one of those Scarborough staples that We have been hearing about -> the staff is extremely friendly and they are extremely passionate about their pizza business and that’s why we came out here to give it a try today- it’s January-> it’s Canada and it’s Cold——> one bite everyone knows the rules —> just a disclaimer -> we don’t like giving people poor reviews. In Canada -> they always say -> if you don’t have anything nice to say ? don’t say it at all -> that’s a little lesson in Canadian slang—> all wrapped into one -> that’s how we do it Frankie -> so here we go-> one bite everyone knows the rules—> I hate to call this frozen microwave pizza because usually when we do the review we will mention microwave pizza as an adjective-> and ONLY if we feel that the Pizza we are reviewing has a microwave-esk-> type vibe -> BUT THIS pizza Frankie !!! seems to be -> ‘actual’ frozen pizza that instead of putting it in the microwave -> they put it in an oven -> and they do the best that can be done with the ingredients that they are working with -> now in their defence the price is right ! it’s under eight bucks for a small classic pizza -> so We won’t be as critical on this review as we would like to be because we feel the people running the place are the salt of the earth and they are trying their best in a pretty bad time for everybody ~> with Covid and all that’s going on in the world right now-> Flipside of that Frankie is? During this Covid time people are actually reaching out to places to eat something extra special and extraordinary and when you feel though you are just trying to sell your product to the next best customer every day ? then I would not change my business plan here ——> but if I was looking to build a customer following and actually get repeat customers coming in ?? I would throw away this entire recipe and start over from scratch—> that’s a lesson in business-> all wrapped into one... NOW let me ask you Frankie? Is it really even worth describing what a frozen microwave pizza taste like? Ok here goes ANYWAYS -> The sauce was basically a marinara sauce and the cheese was a good mozzarella but very salty and We could feel our blood pressure spiking from just eating a few bites ——-> and We were hungry !!! and looking forward to this place PIZZA ON FIRE —-> (We showed up wanting to eat the whole pie but) from the first bite we took -> we could taste the reason why the pie was so cheap and the ingredients are matched up perfectly to the price (And Thats when we knew we weren’t going to be finishing it) and the price is actually quite good and therefore we won’t give it the bottom of the barrel review that it actually deserves.... Did the pizza have flop? (that is an understatement) It was all flop!!!! it didn’t distinguish between the crust and the pizza BECAUSE it was a microwave pizza that was thrown in the oven and it was consistent to a fault being a frozen microwave pizza that they then throw it in their own oven and then try to make something extra-ordinary out of nothing—> not a great experience all around-> because -> we showed up extremely hungry and we couldn’t finish THAT pie -> that is very telling (some would call it soggy cardboard pizza Frankie - we wouldn’t - some would - we wouldn’t)... Another day -> Another review-> (1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go) PIZZA ON FIRE ~> 4.8 (professional score) only because We are feeling generous and the people running this particular Pizza establishment are really -> nice -> great (Salt of the Earth) people and for that alone that the score is 4.8 —> lots of things are influencing our score -> on this one and HAD we not been so influenced by these Salt of the Earth people—-> We are not getting distracted by the fact that they do Halal food and other menu items besides pizza —-> because that would make sense when actually trying this pizza.... all of their energy is not going into the pizza —-> and that should be their main focus -> that’s another business tip ( you’re welcome) and if we were only reviewing this pizza on its own merits with no other considerations in mind ? This pizza would’ve got a 2.8 on a regular review —> we are adding two points on here just for fluff— > 4.8 -> that’s a review!