Pizza Review
Slices past noon are not recommended, I ordered this personal pie based on a recommendation from the bartender/server. No reviews on this place and the counter to order pizza is near the bar, out of plain sight. The menu has a lot going on and can be confusing but my order is simple for this review. Keep in mind, she was aware that I do pizza reviews and after telling her my ideal pizza, she requested the pizza to be cooked a little longer than they usually do. You will have to request the same if you like it crispier... To start, the smell is reminiscent of Dominos pizza. The bottom isn’t crispy, even after requesting a longer cook time. The dough is bad, I mean it’s like frozen pizza flavor bad. The crust has some crisp and it tastes like a saltine cracker. The sauce is straight out of the can with no additional seasoning added. The cheese is your standard shredded style. There is some oregano sprinkled in the cheese but the flavor is lost with everything else that’s going on. I almost feel bad giving this a low score because the bartender was a sweetheart who tried to make this good for the review. A great selection of beer but the pizza is flat out bad.