Pizza Review
First off, kid up front is rude as can possibly be. Instead of tending to a customer, he's sitting on the phone trash talking another employee and all sorts of personal business that shouldn't be tended to in the open like that. Dude making the pizza has to help me after I was standing at the counter for a few mins. No chicken so I went with a pene ala vodka and a mozzarella stick slice Mozz stick - i couldn't even do it. The slice smelled like its been spoiled. Almost like mop bucket water. Couldn't bring myself to even eat it. Pene slice - absolutely horrible. Sauce does not taste like vodka sauce. Actually doesn't taste like much. The pasta was crunchy, the cheese was disgusting. What happened to this place? Haven't been here in about 9 months but used to enjoy this place and all their whacky pizzas. $10 for 2 slices of inedible garbage. Will not be coming back. Next time I'll buy 2 slices for $2 from 7-eleven