Pizza Review
Wow! This is really impressive pizza. Crust is killer. Thin, well done, no flop, great crunch. So good I went to a full crust bite on the second bite. Cheese and sauce have great flavor. Not a traditional pie, a little more on the modern pizza side, but top notch. I will be coming back here whenever I’m in the area.

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Pizza Review
🚨KILLER CRISP ALERT🚨 In keeping with Philly’s difficult pizza ordering processes, this joint doesn’t have a phone and you can’t place orders online; it’s walk-up window only if you want to get your hands on one of these pies. Even though it’s not the fastest operation, this pizza is well worth the wait. I was blown away by the crispness of the dough and the outrageously crispy & crunchy crust. This is well done pizza to the max with a mega char producing a crunchy & crispy explosion. The dough is top tier, delightfully delicious; brushed with olive oil for extra butter-like flavor, enhancing the crispness of the pie. This is about as firm and crispy as dough gets without being burnt or stale. Some of the crust is a tad over-charred but still incredibly tasty. The only real complaint is the thickness of the crust; I’d prefer if it were slightly thinner, but it’s fairly phenomenal as is. The overall taste and texture of the dough is unique and distinctive. Not to be outdone, the creamy cheese blend of mozzarella and fontina melts and melds marvelously, accentuated by the shaved pecorino Romano in a symphony of flavors, complimenting the dough beautifully. The sauce is made with First Field crushed New Jersey tomatoes, which are top quality. Not a particularly sweet blend, the sauce is rather understated; it doesn’t quite push past the formidable flavor of the cheese. A little more spice and oomph could certainly help the sauce shine; but it’s not bad by any means. Overall, this is a delightfully delicious pie, somewhat atypical of Philly pizza, bucking the trend of average pies stuck in the shadows of legendary New York pizzas. A slightly thinner crust & a little more pizzazz from the sauce and we’d be looking at Hall of Fame pizza in the 9s. Nonetheless, I found this pie to be extremely enjoyable; just a notch below Circles + Squares as my favorite pizza in Philly. If you’re a fan of terrifically tasty and uber crispy pizza, this is right up your alley. Even though the texture slightly edges out the taste, both are fantastic. This is travel-worthy pizza that won’t disappoint if killer crisp is your thing.