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Pizza Town manifested a revelation for the local pizza scene back in 1958. Sixty years have passed. In that time, pizza has caught up and frankly, many pizzerias have lapped Pizza Town. Nothing stays the same forever — and Pizza Town hasn’t aged well. But don’t tell that to the die hards who’ve been eating it for generations, and who swear upon the Pizza Town altar. It’s common for older folks — those who’ve moved away — to include a pilgrimage to Pizza Town when they return to the area for a visit. They bring their kids and grandkids — “you’ve got to taste this!” I suppose the kids shrug their shoulders. “Sure, it’s good. “ Pizza is an experience. It involves more than just our five senses. For Pizza Town devotees, they bring to the table something else — memory. God bless them — enjoy the pizza and share it —and your memories — with love. Indeed, forty years ago, very few Friday paydays would pass without my own father bringing home a Pizza Town box after work to our family’s great delight. On a special day, there might have been a bag of zeppoli too. But for those who are new to the area or to the pizza game, here’s the deal — Pizza Town is better than average but not transcendent. The sauce is excellent and on a good day the bottom crust has a lovely snap-crunch. It’s a 7.4 pie.

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