Pizza Review
If I hadn’t been 15 minutes late picking up my pizza, I would have never seen with my own eyes that none of the pies are made fresh; all of them are pre-made and reheated. This is what leads to the abundance of grease gushing from each slice. Considered to be one of the top pizza spots in Bay Ridge, I found it to be a bit overrated. When it comes to describing the cheese & sauce, the only words that come to mind are: basic, standard & generic. Not to say that’s bad, this is very much a pizza’s pizza. The sauce does have a little tang to it, sitting atop average dough with a fairly decent crisp, most likely due to the reheat factor, which also causes the crust to taste slightly stale. Open very late, clearly a good spot for drunken after hours slices, which has helped this joint’s legacy and made it an institution among Brooklyn pizza. But don’t go out of your way for a pie that’s just a notch above typical NYC dollar slice pizza.