Pizza Review
Pizza places that are “run” by a famous chef can go one of 2 ways. One way isn’t so good, they try to do all kinds of weirdness and ignore the comfort food aspect of pizza, the other way is the good way, make pizza that pizza eaters want, sure you can get fancy with toppings, but concentrate on the classics first. And I can tell you, this place went the good way. I’d been wanting to try pizza cake the last several trips here, and never was hungry when I was near this location. However on this trip, it worked out perfectly, we grabbed a late night slice after passing on some street tacos in the linq promenade, and it did NOT disappoint. Of all the pizza I tried on this trip, this was actually my favorite, but the competition was definitely fierce. The pizza has a great balance of cheese, sauce, crust and pepperoni. They use the thicker grade “cupping” pepperoni, which I will admit I’m a sucker for, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. There are only a handful of places that make this pepperoni style for restaurants so it’s usually always a high grade product. The slice came out steaming hot, and wasn’t too heavy, making it the perfect “on the go” snack. I shouldn’t be surprised that the “cake boss” also makes a great pizza, after all, it’s still just baking. The crust was nice and firm, and crispy. You can almost hear the crunch just looking at the top edge. I enjoyed eating the bare crust almost as much as the topped portion. Sometimes that is a backhanded way of saying that the pizza toppings were bland, but that’s definitely not the case here. It was very flavorful and I found myself wishing I was hungrier so I could eat more. This will definitely be a place I stop by more often when I’m in Vegas.