Pizza Review
Say It ain’t so Frankie we came out here to try what we thought was italian pizza at PIZZANINI... get it PIZZA NINI... almost sounded like Nona -> italian for grandmother -> there’s a little language lesson that’s how we do it -> we are at PIZZANINI downtown Brampton -> Pizzanini has been in business since March 2019. They are truly known as one of the cleanest restaurants in town and during this Covid time —-> it’s nice that they take pride in their food service like this and that’s committing to the community - just awesome—> (review time jan 11th 12pm)... it’s January-> it’s Canada -> it’s cold and we are here to try this —> what we thought Was Italian Pizza —> quickly turned into what is the panini of pizzas —> great concept —> but not traditional—> though not really fair to judge as a traditional pie —> so it straight up lost points -> only fair in the world of skewed advertising and sadly those are the breaks —> if this was a panini review ? It still wouldn’t be great -> why ? because in life whenever you decide to do something 50% ? you’re only ever going to get to 50% !! so if your business model is making a 50% Panini and a 50% pizza??? then you’re only gonna end up with 50% of either -> in the end -> that’s a lesson in business strategy and that’s exactly what the case was here —-> one bite everyone knows the rules —-> Sauce was bland—> undercarriage gave off a microwave-esk pizza type vibe —> it did have flop —> but it is a Panini after all!!! ... ( some would call it Roman Flatbread Cardboard Frankie - I wouldn’t - some would - I wouldn’t)... it gave off a frozen pizza vibe worse than Pizza Depot —> but in Pizza Depot’s defence ? that was still pizza -> it just wasn’t very good —> so we gave it a 2.7! But all in all PIZZANINI taste was like The best frozen microwave pizza that you’ve ever had!! With a oven baked crust edge that was just perfect ... there’s nothing wrong with this place other than it’s not pizza -> and we review pizza Frankie (1 to 10 / one bite / everyone knows the rules / bite it / score it -> 1 thru 10 -> here we go) ~> all things Mentioned above taken into consideration especially the fact that this was actually very tasty but if it was gonna be compared to a pizza —-> then it’s not a pizza so we can’t give a really good score but on the other side it is very good and very fresh in the kitchen that is very clean and the staff is just awesome!!! so in the reality of the score it is -> between a 3.9 to a 4.1 but because of all of the above mentioned we are going to finalize the score at a 5.1 (professional score) Pizzanini 5.1 -> that’s a review!