Pizza Review
This was their traditional pizza, which is serve with mozzarella and san Marzano tomatoes. It’s cooked in a 800-900 degree wood fired brick oven. We asked for our pie well done / extra crispy. The crust was charred (which we liked) but the rest of the pie was soft and floppy. Decent taste, fresh ingredients. I wouldn’t call it a real pizza. Maybe South Jerseys impression of South Philly, I’m not sure. Over priced for at $15 for a small sized pie (maybe slightly larger than a personal pie). I may go back for the novelty of it. I think the problem is that the oven is too hot and they only cook their pies for 90 sec. They need to figure out a way to have the entire pie well cooked. Also the website says they do call ahead seating, which they don’t. I also find their hostess to be a little curt and not super friendly.