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Started off good at the new location and quickly went south. Classic Neapolitan is solid but the “Grandma Pie” is very inconsistent . Look at my pic; it’s damn near charred and it was dried-out. This is from lack of leadership in the kitchen. Everyone should be making the pie the exact same way. On a side note, I’d give Marzano’s a 1.8 on customer service. During the beginning and height of COVID last year, the allowed their staff to wear masks around their necks or not at all. They also broke state rules by allowing customers to pile into the lobby, should to shoulder when social distancing was being taken seriously. They had 2 staff members with COVID (wonder why). They also block loyal, supportive customers from their social media pages if you inquire about the safety of staff and customers, or get called out for taking pics with children cheek-to-cheek during the same time frame. Owner is a good guy but I think he’s pressured by others who are close to him. I wish him success but at the same time, if you can’t respect when customers have concerns and you shut them out while other restaurants were closing in order to do the right thing, then you’re just plain selfish. They lost a lot of money from someone who would’ve shown up daily for the last 1 1/2 years. Do the math, Johnny. 4.5 overall score.

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