Pizza Review
So, you know the rules... Ate almost the entire first slice, but I left a bite... (yeah, yeah, I know those aren't the fucking rules, but no one follows the one bite rule, anydamnway!) I have to say that I have definitely had better pizza - that's just the truthism in my personal review. HOWEVER, by utilizing this app, I chose to try out this local spot and it's pretty damn good, actually. Knowing I hadn't tried it before but that OneBite wouldn't steer me wrong, I ordered the foundational pizza (cheese) to ensure a fair basis of judgement. I also wanted to eliminate any potential for error because, let's face it, I'm famished, so this 10" needs to be good enough to satisfy my level of hunger! I take calculated risks in life - risking pizza in this condition isn't good for my state of mind or anyone else around me... I digress to say that this pizza has reigned 'satisfactory' and I would order from here again. Except, next phase is added toppings, so I'll do a follow up on that. For THIS only-cheese pizza, I have the following to report: +Looks good +Comprable price point +Decent ratio of crust/sauce/cheese +Fresh dough and ingredients +/-Cold temperature (but this isn't really a negative because it was delivery and expected. It was also very desirable even after reheating in the oven) -Crust flavor (amount of crust/aka: handle is perfect) it just has a basic floury flavor that could use some enhancements, in my opinion. Overall, I wouldn't call this a 'fuck yes or fuck no'. Just, solid. -PizzaPalmer