Pizza Review
I typically don’t like leaving bad reviews. I’d rather not say anything at all than to leave a bad review, given the Rona sitch. But that’s all off here. The pizza looked fine. It was edible. But that’s about it. After a few hours of walking around this mountain village, I was starving, and the other place up here had a 3.1 rating, and when I peaked in, it looked like it lived up to that eating. So I tried this place. The server was nice, friendly and didn’t mess anything up. He got a nice tip. But the pizza is what I’m reviewing. Anyone leaving a review higher than a 5 for this place has no idea what foot pizza is. 1) doughy. Doughy. Doughy. It was like Texas toast, except it wasn’t toasted. It wasn’t a focaccia dough or anything good like that, either, just a lot of dough. 2) hardly any sauce even though I asked for extra sauce. I eventually asked for a dipping cup of sauce so I could have some sauce on the pizza. That cup came quickly and was warm so that was a positive. 3) pepperoni under the full cheese layer. Now I don’t mind a little bit of cheese above the pepperoni, in fact I prefer it, it helps hold it in place, but I’m thinking of just a few strands, this place puts it completely under the cheese. That’s a trick to hide how little topping they actually use. 4) way too much cheese. You’re not making a quesadilla with cheddar here, you’re making a pizza with mozzarella. The cheeses melt differently. 5) ridiculously over the top Rona regulations. Not government mandates, just their own “above and beyond” nonsense. If I was in this town again, I’d head down one of the side streets a few minutes to get bbq, forget the pizza, there’s supposedly a highly rated place around here, but it closed.