Pizza Review
Was going in for a slice but was hungry as hell and went for the full send, thus making the decision to purchase a full pie. In fact I was so hungry that I ate half the pizza before remembering to take a picture of the damn thing. Picture doesn’t quite do it justice since it’s been sitting for about 30 minutes and is now luke warm. Pie looked beautiful when it was fresh though, although if I’m paying an extra $5 for an additional topping (the black olives in this situation) I’d like to get more than a half of a small can. This pie totaled up to $32 for an 18” which ain’t cheap but it not a bank breaker. I was the only one in there ordering a pie, so I’m assuming most normal people go for a slice which I believe was priced around $4 (still felt a little pricey). We’re dealing with a lot of flop here folks, with moderate crisp. I’d actually say the crisp is right where I like it: crispy to the point where it’s not super chewy, but also doesn’t break when you take a bite like a super crispy thin crust would. Too much sauce for my taste but it has a good moderate taste to it; not too sweet and not too tangy, with a mild herbal situational going on somewhere up in there. This SOB was also greasy af. If you’re into the grease and a nice sauced up slice, this right here might do it for ya. Personally, I like less sauce and less grease, and a slice that’s a little more thin than what we’re dealing with here. I love the herbal situation in the sauce though which really got me feelin good. It’s a 6.9, not sexually, just isn’t good enough to be a 7 but it’s a pretty damn good 6. I live like 2 blocks away so I can definitely see it being an easy go-to spot. Will return.