Pizza Review
The rival of Manco & Manco since joining the Ocean City Pizza Boardwalk Battle in 1965, Prep’s has the same swirled sauce style also used by Maruca’s in Seaside Heights. The difference here is the thickness of the pie; this is more of a “beach football” pizza. The dough is tasty, soft & fluffier, not much crisp, but a firmer undercarriage that prevents floppage & sogginess. The cheese is a little oily, with an orange tint, a tad salty, fairly generic. The swirled sauce is evenly distributed and makes for a pretty nice-looking pie; but much like Manco & Manco, it’s a similar tangy, bitter, oregano-flavored, subdued sauce that lacks sweetness. This is a heavier pie with a much thicker crust, which is pretty good but not nearly as tasty as Manco & Manco’s incredibly delicious crust. Overall, this is solid, yet unspectacular Jersey Shore pizza. Not a bad boardwalk slice, but definitely not destination pizza. In the same ballpark as Manco & Manco, maybe just a notch below.