Pizza Review
One bite, everybody knows the rules. The cheese slice was really solid with tons of crisp and almost no flop. Crust could have had more flavor, but this being LA, the amount of crisp and overall thinned more than made up for the slightly bland flavor of the crust. Cheese was also solid with good flavor but was a bit greasy. The tomato sauce unfortunately was a disappointment. While definitely fresh and made from fresh tomatoes there was basically no seasoning. This slice would’ve easily been in the 8’s with better if you like a super plain sauce that only tastes like tomatoes, definitely try this slice. BONUS REVIEW - Grandma Slice: 8.4 I’m not a huge fan of grandma slices but they push it hard, so I tried it and the grandma slice gets a 8.4. The crust had tons of flavor and managed to have a great crisp even with the softer bread like crust of a grandma slice. Also had way less grease than the standard cheese slice. But what really set it apart was the tomato sauce. I don’t know how the grandma slice sauce has so much flavor while the cheese slice sauce is so bland. I couldn’t believe how much better it was. That’s a review