Pizza Review
In response to Jonnyd129’s post regarding the “old lady” he called a “cunt”. You are a poor excuse for a human/man. To sit there and write a post with such derogatory comments about an 81 yr old owner/employee is just plain sick, and disgusting. I really hope you don’t speak to your mother like that. She might have bumped into you, but I can guarantee you she didn’t shoulder check you as she is 5 foot tall. Ever think she lost her balance walking with her “CANE” and accidently bumped into you? Your response should have been, “are you ok”? You must have had a sad childhood and I’m confident your parents did a shitty job raising you.  My advice is grow-up, learn respect, (especially for women), and do us a favor please don’t ever come back you’re not welcomed at this establishment. Btw the pizza here is exceptional!

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