Pizza Review
So nice - I had it twice. Not from ‘round these parts, visiting family at cedars sinai. Popped in for a slice because this app. So good, came back next night and got a whole 20” pie. Extra cheese all around, half pepperoni. Did ask to cook it longer which they obliged- even brought it out on the wood plank to see if wanted longer - yes I did, so they did. How nice is that?! Really nice flavor with the tangy sweet sauce and mix of subtle salt from the cheese. Bread is right flavor matching a NY pizza. Even keeps good flavor overnight for a cold morning slice which many places the oil kills the flavor, not this one. Holds up for next day. Bread and cheese is a bit thinner than a typical NY but its CA, so thinner bread is probs better here. Just a wee bit thicker it would be on the money as a strong NY slice. Flavor is spot on. Small area for seating inside and reminds me of my hometown small mom and pop pizzeria. Only missing the Gino’s Italian ices. They also have calzones!! Staff is nice, friendly, welcoming. Good selection for the non-traditional pizzas. If this place was close, I’d be a fat ass in 3 months. Damn good. (Im eating it again now. Put the slice down fatty.) Nom nom nom nom. Ooohh, here comes the dopamine. Happy belly. Happy soul. Go buy pizza here!

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