Pizza Review
Not your typical coal-fired pizza, this unique-looking, non-traditional grandma style pie is oval shaped and relatively thin, with out of this world char & crisp. The dough borders on the brink of being burnt but possesses fantastic smokey coal-fired flavor and the kind of crunch your dream about in a pizza. The cheese is rather tight and paper thin, a little too light to make a real impact on the overall flavor. Another handful of shredded mozzarella wouldn’t hurt. The sauce is also sparse, more neutral flavored than sweet, doesn’t really punch through, definitely needs more volume to truly shine. I’m not a fan of the shaved confetti-like strands of basil; either go full leaf or leave out entirely. The base of this pie is phenomenal in both texture and taste, with a firm, charred and crispy undercarriage; the rest of the ingredients are quality but lacking in quantity. This is a very good pie, not great; but there’s lots of potential to be so much better than it is in its current state. Add more cheese and sauce along with some whole leaves of fresh basil and we could be looking at mid-to-hi 8s. Nonetheless, this is solidly tasty pizza with plenty of room for improvement.