Pizza Review
2 cheese slices and a bottle of water, 3:20pm on a Monday, $7.18 Pros: Cooked well, nice well done flavor in the crust and cheese, the sauce is fantastic and there's a good amount of it. Very tangy and flavorful, I'd say it was the most memorable part. Cons: Slices are a bit small but the thickness gives them some substance Verdict: The sign out front boasts 75 years of business and this place holds an 8+ rating after hundreds of reviews, so the bar was set high for Ralph's. Very good, almost great couple of slices today. I came in during the 3 hour on a Monday, which would mean terrible, unfresh pizza almost anywhere. This was still good enough to be in the 8's during a terrible business hour, so I could see this possibly being even better at a busier time of day.