Pizza Review
OK quarantine review time here in Hazlet New Jersey at Ray’s real Pizza. Well thank God it’s real fucking pizza I mean what was it supposed to be. And just a sidenote it says it’s Rays of New York, being from New York there’s about 3000 Rays the claim to be the real original Rays and everybody’s got an excuse about how they came to be. Oh yeah the original is my cousin‘s son‘s brothers dogs previous owner. Nothing like clout chasing. Anyway time for the review, the slice was pretty pedestrian . A decent Football pie. Nice little sunburn on the bottom of the crust. No flop. The cheese had a decent flavor but there was no sauce to speak of on the slice. On the thinner side kind of how I like it and it was a grease trap. Grease everywhere I fell pimples forming on my face even before I handled the slice. All and all not too shabby. 6.8 is the review