Pizza Review
Reginas Pizza! Ok here’s the deal...I haven’t tried all the pizza in the city and surrounding areas....but I can’t possibly imagine finding a place better than Reginas! Been around nearly a century and is still around and doing well. The crust was phenomenal! Perfect amount of crisp with a nice char. Slight flop at the tip, but still crispy. The sauce was in every bite and super flavorful with just the right amount of spice! The cheese is outstanding! Creamy, good amount of stretch, maybe a little heavy in some places, but that is purely preferential. The pepperoni had solid flavor and didn’t leave a greasy mess all over the place. The only pizza I’ve had better then this is in my home state of Connecticut, New Haven to be specific....but this is hands down the second or third best pizza I’ve ever had. Reginas....go get it as soon as possible!