Pizza Review
Besides our god awful delivery time (2 hours) on a Monday night and the poor excuses for why it was late (live less than a mile away), the pizza was ok. Nothing wrong with the pizza here. This leans more toward a late night spot for a very cheesey and greasy slice. I ordered a thin crust pepperoni pizza. We were hungry, and Renaldi's did hit the spot. The cheese is very chewy and stringy. I wish it has a little more seasoning as it was slightly bland, but the salt from the pepperoni seemed to help out with that. The non-sweet sauce was limited and could've added more to the flavor. I had a few good bites where everything tasted perfect together, but it was pretty inconsistent. The crust was cooked well, not crispy, but cooked. I wouldn't call this NY style even though it's cut in triangles, because it wasn't crazy thin. I'll order again if I have one of their coupons handy.