Pizza Review
If you know about Riko’s pizza, there’s a good chance you’ve had Colony Grill before. It’s no surprise Riko’s pies look very similar to the thin crust bar pies that Colony serves because it’s essentially the same recipe that was replicated by a former Colony cook and rebranded as Riko’s. If you’ve read some of the reviews, you’ll see this style pizza is very polarizing. While some love the thin crust style, others dismiss it as cheese & ketchup on a cardboard cracker. I’m actually a fan of this “change on pace pie.” Super thin, incredible crisp & crunch, just enough sauce & cheese with a really nice flavor that’s unique to bar pies. While I do like Colony, I give Riko’s the slight edge for their dough being more like a thin pizza dough and less like a cracker. You can’t go wrong with either joint. Both make really solid bar pies; and while Colony is the original, Riko’s is just a notch better.