Pizza Review
Let's start with thanking you for being open for Easter and all you hard working pizza makers staying strong in the business. The pizza I got was thick crust but it was on the thinner side so idk what that was about. It had minimal flop. A slight amount of grease in the pepperoni, but nothing that scared me. They only sell small pizzas btw. THE GOOD Rise pizza dough is fresh. Instead of having a worker stretch the dough they have this odd machine that I've never seen before. But the dough taste like a toasted bagel. It's so hard to explain. But it kept me wanting another bite. The sauce tastes sweet and inviting. No bad relationship there. THE BAD With the crust being so good and sauce teaming up so well. The pepperoni and cheese flavor just seemed hidden. And I got the specialty pizza with extra pep. PS. I got a specialty pizza (remember only sell small), a bottle of water, and a tea and it cost 17$. So be ready to dish out some cash if you're getting more than one pie. I give it!!!!