Pizza Review
I’m starting to notice a trend with Neapolitan pizza: the vast majority have a nice char but are still super soft with terribly chewy crusts. Not sure why these pies aren’t more crispy; they’d be a hell of a lot better if they were. Roberta’s falls right in line with the soft Neapolitan style personal pies and they bang you for almost $20 a pop. The mozzarella is the best ingredient on this pizza, very tasty and just enough to go around. The sauce is rather light with no real distinct flavor and a little watery from the fresh mootz. It’s not terrible though, just needs a little kick. While I usually like fresh basil, this is super weak, charred and scant. Even though the dough is soft, it’s still very tasty; could easily push this score higher if it were crispier. The terrific cheese saves this pizza from dipping under 7. As is, it’s a pretty overrated 7.4...not terrible for a Neapolitan pie.