Pizza Review
The fact that this pizza is at 7.5 on this app absolutely blows my mind. I walked in with high hopes and ordered 2 slices of cheese. In a few words, the pizza is a sloppy 4.3 at best... 5.6 if you include the people, and service. The ingredients were good, but the cheese was low quality.. There was grease dripping like you wouldn’t believe, and talk about a new york flop. The whole entire pizza had the flop of an Elephant Ear. They did good on the sauce, the sauce is good. So is the crust & dough. But the way they put the pizza together, the cheese, the formation of the slice, it’s not there, and definitely a 4.3 pizza and a place I can’t come back to. Anybody who put this pizza above a 6.2 needs to reevaluate their life decisions.