Pizza Review
Seen this place got some good reviews, figured i’d give it a whirl. This pizza is a little different, more on that in a moment. Crust is pretty thin. Slightly thicker on that outer crust and the outer ring was coated in a dusting of garlic powder, not garlic salt like the one review had stated, it’s fuckin powder. Now... that being said, i have some mixed feelings on the garlic powder dusted crust. It makes the pie unique and gives the crust a little bit of zing, but im a traditionalist. I like simple pizza. It doesnt make the pizza bad though. This is very good pizza for the capital region. It probably deserves mid 8’s for being near Albany. Pick this place up and set it in Jersey, NYC or Long Island and its getting mid to low 7’s on a generous day. Cheese was ok, but a bit too much of it i think, back off the cheese and let the sauce shine, did i say the sauce is great? It was a little greasy, but the grease wasnt running all over the place. Mind you this pie was fresh out the oven, so the grease wasnt coagulated due to being cold, it just did this weird thing where it sat on the cheese in a yellowish orange layer. If i lived in Glenmont/Bethlem, this would be my spot for sure. Take half that cheese off, put a little Italian hard cheese in the cheese mixture, maybe like a Parm Reggiano or Pecorino Romano, and give it a little funk, ditch that garlic powder. Thats what id do.