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Rosati's is a Chicago pizza shop - which isn't my preference, but I had to give them a try. They offer a "thin" crust and "double dough" crust option. We tried the Slice app to order delivery. We ordered one thin crust plain cheese pizza and a double crust with sausage and hot giardiniera. Their thin crust is pizza on a cracker. Very thin, and this one had little in the way of crispness - just floppy. Their double dough crust was very thick and dense. Not light and airy like a raised dough, just a dense and chewy texture. Neither crust was my preference, but I get how some prefer the ultra thin cracker crust. The giardiniera they used didn't add much, not very flavorful and not as good as others I've tried. We also ordered some wings, which were okay. Nice big wing portions but they were swimming in excess sauce. Perhaps a better choice for Illinois natives, but not this New Yorker.

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