Pizza Review
One bite huh? I can’t stop at one bite!! Roseland is fantastic, however it always gets rated behind the popular New Haven pizza establishments. Well, guess what? It shouldn’t because it kills New Haven pizza! I’ve been to all of them and IMHO Sally’s is very good but not better than Roseland. Modern is good but also not better than Roseland. Bar is tasty but way way too thin and Pepe’s......please people!! Pepe’s is SO OVERRATED! Its a product of the “Bandwagon”. People just automatically assume it’s great pizza because for some reason it has always been rated as fantastic and then they jump on the bandwagon! I can’t stand hearing about Pepe’s anymore!! I really don’t understand why people think it’s the pinnacle of pizza?? It’s burnt and is so un flavorful. Roseland’s sauce is to die for!! Hell, just walk inside of Roseland and your sense of smell will tell you how good your meal is going to be. If Roseland was in New Haven it would be #1....because it is!! Period!! FORGET NEW HAVEN AND GO TO ROSELAND!!