Pizza Review
This is essentially New Haven style pizza on the outskirts of New Haven, very similar to Modern Apizza in taste & texture, maybe a notch below; but make no mistake about it, this pie can hold its own against the titans of New Haven pizza. Starting with the spectacularly crispy & crunchy dough, firm undercarriage with zero moisture, medium thickness with charcoal flavor and an exquisitely charred crust with out of this world crispness. The smell of this pizza is absolutely amazing from a combo of the cheese and well done crust. The cheese is outstanding, tight like a bar pie, somewhat rigid with a creamy whole milk mozzarella flavor, significantly better than standard pizza cheese. The only drawback is the amount of grease the cheese is harboring; definitely have to drip & dab to alleviate oil flow. The sauce is very good, more tomato based than a true pizza sauce, could definitely use a little more kick and spice, but it’s solid. Perhaps the abundance of oil is overtaking the true flavor of the sauce but it doesn’t totally drown it out; all the ingredients work together like magic to conjure up a deliciously delectable overall taste. Even with these little flaws, this is still phenomenal pizza. If they can find a way to minimize the grease flow and add some more pizzazz to the sauce, we’re looking at legendary status in the 9s. As it is, this pie is worth traveling for despite being located in The Valley (aka Middle of Nowhere) and it’s as close to New Haven’s elite pizza as it gets!