Pizza Review
Planned on going to Brozzetti’s, got there and it was closed, bummer! So, we went to Pizza on the Plaza, closed, and just like Rocky Balboa when he was getting his shit rocked by that big Russian guy Ivan Drago, we thought about giving up, but we pushed forward, and planted ourselves at Rossi’s and boy am I ever thankful we did. I loved this pizza. Thick and chewy, but not sloppy and soggy. Had good structure to it. A good foundation. Not the best dough in the world but not bad either. Lacked a bit of oil in the pan to fry that bottom and give it that crispy oily sheen and buttery edges. The cheese was a little oily but not too bad. It had just the right amount of cheese to not make it super heavy on your guts. The sauce was great. Thats what boosted this score for me. The sauce had a really nice zest to it, not a tang. Tang is when they use a super bright, fresh, and simple crushed tomato sauce, that’s not what you’re getting here. There was plenty of it on the pizza too, and let me tell ya, i wasn’t mad about it.