Pizza Review
It's always a blur reviewing srufd from a pizza event. This was not cooked in their normal oven, it was a wood fired version at the Slice Out Hunger event, so the crust isn't exactly the same. But I really like the Tie Die Slice. That's what they're known for. Rubirosa is an offshoot of Joe and Pat's in Staten Island. The tie die slice has pesto, vodka sauce, tomato sauce, and fresh mozzarella. I won't comment that much on the crust but that combo makes a great burst of flavor without being overwhelming. I can imagine this on their signature thin the whole way though crust. For now, I'm gonna give a placeholder score of 8.0 mainly based on flavor alone. I'm sure they used the same dough recipe as usual, it was just wood fired and not opened as thin. Can't wait to try the real thing in Manhattan.