Pizza Review
Sauce is good, crust is crisp!

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Pizza Review
First review after being back in the good U.S. so hopefully I’m not rusty but whatever, you get what you get. Anyway the pizza ain’t bad. They say they’re a New York Pizzeria... no not really. Maybe a Chinese knock off of a New York Pizzeria. They got corny items on the menu that are maybe too Italian. Ya know? They got zeppolis though, isn’t that cool? So anyway the pizza, not that bad. Probably one of the best in Texas. Don’t get too excited now. Keep ya cowboy boots on and keep drinking ya Shiner Bock and eating ya barbecue. Ya barbecue is good but you still don’t have the pizza down 100%. So anyway with the pizza. I forget how to do these reviews but let’s start with the crust. I’ll give it to em. They got a good crust ratio at the end of the slice so very good. It’s got residual flour on it so that’s great too. It got good flavor but it’s not as crispy as I’d like. Not too airy but not enough crisp. The cheese to sauce ratio I’d say is maybe close to how I like it. It’s been awhile since I had a good New York slice and what the standard is. But New York or not, pizza is pizza. I’ve had some pretty shitty slices back at home so hey, don’t bust my balls over it. If I’m gonna be honest though, it’s pretty close to being perfect with that ratio. Might be a little in favor of the cheese but not by much. I don’t know what it is for these states around here but they LOVE throwing cheese at the damn pie and cutting it in all sorts of ways. The sauce now, it good I gotta be honest with ya. But it’s not good enough. I’m not gonna say anymore because I don’t feel like it on the sauce. Just wished it tasted better. Not that much of a good healthy criticism on my part but whatever. The cheese is whatever. Taste like cheese, so what? Overall, not a bad slice. Could be better but could be worse. My first slice back in the states so thanks for that. Once this Corona goes the fuck away and you guys stay at home like ya supposed to, maybe I could go see my family and eat some pizza more importantly. Anyway, that’s my review. You can take it or leave. I don’t care to be honest. I’d get it again if I was here. Way better than that pizza on 6th Street but that’s almost an insult to even compare them to that garbage. I’m sorry Russo. Ya good and I’d get ya pizza again when I’m down in Austin. Good job.