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This pizza has all the criteria of perfect pie covered. Chewie crust, cheese to sauce ratio is spot on, nice taste to the sauce and slight crunch when you bite. I might be going a bit high here because I missed breakfast. Actually, no its the correct score now that I've digested a bit. Either way, this is can't miss cheese pizza. Its NJ so you expect it to be good but theres lots of pretenders out there.

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Pizza Review
Maple-What? Shady who?... ohhhhh...Mapleshade!.....Sounds like a place where Beaver Cleaver should be residing...But I tell ya what... I found some pretty damn good pizza here... Very impressed even though it’s in NJ’s Bermuda Triangle....The owners must’ve been relocated via the witness protection program and landed here courtesy of the Feds....You can tell Henry Hill that this place don’t make no egg noodles and ketchup tho! Opened in the early 80’s and it looks it from the inside but those are the kinda places I like .... DiFaras in Brooklyn, Deninos in Staten Island all have the same look... and guess what they produce some of the best pizza ever created. I won’t go that far for Sal & Joes but god damn I was impressed. So are the servers some of them have worked there for over 30 years! Much respect! As for the slice...Nice crispy crust. Not too thin.. not too thick. It was just right. Not much of a NY flop on my slice. Good quality cheese .. end of the crust had a good bite. Slice came out pipping hot. The only down fall for me was the sauce.......not enough of it. It was hard to get a handle on how good the sauce tasted because I just couldn’t get a bite out of the slice to really make it stand out. But all in all I’m really enjoyed it. So if you live in or around NJ’s Bermuda Triangle you would be very fortunate to crash into Sal & Joes Maple tree... or maple leaf..... or whatever this place is called! PS....... I know this has nothing to do with pizza but they make dessert that will turn you into a crack fiend.... Tiramisu and Cannoli..... holy moly!
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